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Projects – Volunteer Bali

Friends for Asia currently offers two volunteer projects in Bali, Indonesia. Both our English Education and Orphanage Volunteer Project start at a minimum duration of 2 weeks and begin on the 1st and 3rd Monday of each month. The project fee for participation in both projects start at $850 US Dollars for two weeks, with all additional weeks at $100/week. For more information about our project fees, please visit our volunteer fees and payments page.

Bali English Education Volunteer Project

Teaching English Volunteer Project

With the onset of the tourism in Bali, English education has become imperative for any person in a professional career. As a volunteer English teacher, you become a catalyst for student development. Regardless of your teaching background, your mere presence in the school gives students and faculty the chance to take their English skills out of the textbook and put them to work in the real world.

Orphanage Volunteer Project

Caregiving at a Home for Single Mothers in Crisis

Orphanage Volunteer Project

One of the most important resources for these children is your unwavering support. The realization that others genuinely care about your welfare and future is life-changing – especially for those who’ve been neglected for so long. The fact that you’ve flown in from overseas to donate your time and energy only increases the impact.