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Volunteer Nepal

Why Volunteer in Nepal

Volunteering in Nepal offers an experience like no other. Our volunteers live with Nepali families and make a real and lasting difference to the lives of the country’s most disadvantaged people.

Volunteer in Nepal

Nestled among the peaks of the Himalayas, Nepal’s stunning beauty and unique culture has made it a must-see destination for travelers and trekkers for years. For those looking to get off the tourist trail and see a different view of life in Nepal, Friends for Asia offers a choice of Nepal volunteer opportunities that enrich the lives of volunteers and locals alike.

Friends for Asia’s Nepal volunteers find themselves in all kinds of unique situations and settings. Working with disadvantaged women on the streets of Kathmandu, taking care of kids a Buddhist temple or helping to build schools in the Nepal countryside are just some of the options available. All volunteers stay with Nepali host families and experience the culture, traditions and food of Nepal first-hand.

Volunteer in Nepal

Volunteering in Nepal is a meaningful, cross-cultural experience where volunteers really make a difference. Nepal is just emerging from decades of political strife and there is a palpable sense that there is now a real opportunity to build a better future for the country. Our volunteers help make this a reality by enriching the lives of thousands of adults and children each year.

Friends for Asia’s representatives look after our volunteers for the duration of the project. Volunteers are picked up on arrival at the airport, taken to their project location, and provided with a proper orientation and training for their assignment.

Of course, Friends for Asia realizes that our volunteers will want to get out and explore this amazing country. Volunteers have plenty of time off to do their own thing and see the sights.

Volunteering in Nepal is an experience that will stay with you for the rest of your life with many of our volunteers coming back again and again.

Our Volunteer Nepal Projects

Friends for Asia offers a variety of projects that will suit any person who is willing to use their abilities to make a significant contribution to the lives of people of Nepal.

Teaching English in Schools Volunteer Project

Volunteer in Nepal Volunteer Nepal – Teaching English in Schools Project

At Friends For Asia we firmly believe that the path to a brighter future for Nepali children lies in education. Volunteers in our Teaching English in Schools Program make a real difference to the lives of Nepalese children by advancing their English language skills, eventually making it easier for them to enter employment and further their education in the future. This project is all about the kids, but make no mistake, this will be a valuable learning experience for volunteers and students alike.

Health Volunteer Project

Volunteer in Nepal

Volunteer Nepal – Health Project Despite recent improvements, health care in Nepal remains poor by international standards, especially in rural areas. Inevitably it is the worst off in society that bear the brunt of the poor health care system, but our Nepal volunteers make a significant contribution to changing all that. Following the old adage that ‘prevention is better than a cure’, our health project places volunteers in children’s homes and orphanages around Nepal.

Childcare Volunteer Project

Volunteer Nepal – Child Care (Orphanage) Project Volunteer in Nepal

Friends for Asia’s Child Care (Orphanage) Project places volunteers where they can really make a difference. Through interaction and education our volunteers transform the lives of countless disadvantaged children every year. Enthusiasm and dedication are a must for this challenging role, but for the right person it is a truly profound experience.

Teaching Monks Volunteer Project


Volunteer Nepal – Teaching English in Monasteries Project

Friends for Asia’s Teaching English in Monasteries Project offers volunteers a unique opportunity to immerse themselves in Buddhist monastery life in one of the world’s most spiritual countries. Volunteers contribute to the education and personal development of hundreds of children in Kathmandu and play their part in preserving Tibetan culture and Buddhist practice.

Women’s Empowerment Volunteer Project

Volunteer Nepal – Woman Empowerment Project

Volunteer in Nepal Friends for Asia’s Woman Empowerment Project is ideal for anyone who wants to make a real difference to the lives of women in this beautiful, but impoverished country. Years of political uncertainty and insurgency have seen Nepal fall behind many of its neighbors when it comes to human rights. This is where Friends for Asia comes in. Our volunteers work with disadvantaged women in a number of centers to educate, assist and help them lead their lives with dignity in a male-dominated society.

Environmental Awareness Volunteer Project

Volunteer Nepal – Environmental Awareness Project Volunteer in Nepal 10

Experience the breathtaking beauty of Nepal and help protect its environment with our Environmental Awareness Project. Home to eight of the highest mountains in the world (they’re still growing!), lush forests and abundant wildlife, Nepal is a nature enthusiasts dream. But Nepal’s natural habitats are under threat. Deforestation and soil erosion has destroyed thousands of hectares in the last few years. Friends for Asia has teamed up with a village-based conservation project in Chitwan to help reverse this worrying trend.

School and Community Maintenance Volunteer Project

Volunteer in Nepal

Volunteer Nepal – School and Community Maintenance Project

Friends for Asia’s School and Community Maintenance Project offers volunteers a unique taste of Nepal life while making a real difference to people’s lives at a community level. This is our most varied project with volunteers helping out with all kinds of tasks to help improve and enrich the lives of locals.

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