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Volunteer In Thailand With Friends For Asia

The chance to volunteer abroad could completely transform your experience in Thailand! There’s so much to see and do in this Southeast Asian country, and as a volunteer you’ll have the opportunity to go beyond the usual touristy attractions – forging meaningful connections with others and experience the culture like a local person would.

Friends for Asia (FFA) has developed a variety of Thailand volunteer opportunities, including the chance to teach Buddhist monks, work with orphans, volunteer with elephants and even scrub-up for a medical internship. Not only that – our project fees are among the cheapest available. Explore this website to learn more about our exciting opportunities to volunteer overseas, and find out how you can make a difference during your next visit to Thailand.

Volunteer in Bangkok and Chiang Mai Thailand!

Volunteer and Intern in Thailand

Our volunteer Thailand work projects will see you going to work in a range of settings. Thailand is a multifaceted country, and we have set up two bases from which to coordinate service projects in the kingdom. One of these bases is in cosmopolitan Bangkok, a world-class metropolis that attracts upwards of 16 million international visitors each year.

Bangkok has all the modern services expected of an international capital city. While on assignment in this city, you’ll encounter all of the following:

  • Ornate Buddhist temples
  • Vast open-air markets
  • Gleaming high-rise shopping malls
  • International entertainment options
  • Cheap, made-to-order Thai food
  • Backpacker haunts of Khao San Road
  • The Grand Palace

Visit Friends for Asia’s Bangkok and Chiang Mai Volunteer and Intern Projects

But that’s just the beginning. Scratch that shimmering veneer and you’ll find communities in need, under-staffed orphanages and political refugees in transition. Our Thailand volunteer internship staff members are here to help you liaise with organizations and NGOs that are desperately in need of willing workers. We provide you with the support, facilities and connections you’ll need to make a meaningful contribution in this Southeast Asian capital.

Volunteer in Bangkok, Thailand!

As a Volunteer in Bangkok go beyond the well-beaten tourist track and find yourself on the front lines of this amazing city. Apply for one of the volunteer projects coordinated by Friends for Asia, and you’ll do much more than visit temples, view the sights and sample the cuisine. Instead, you’ll join a dynamic group of people dedicated to changing lives and transforming communities by promoting better education, facilitating healthcare and providing support to those who need it most.

Volunteer in Chiang Mai, Thailand!

Friends for Asia (FFA) first launched our Volunteer and Intern Projects in Chiang Mai in 2007, and the volunteer projects in Chiang Mai that we coordinate are among the longest-running and most successful that we offer. With the help of conscientious travelers like you, Friends for Asia has been strengthening communities and changing lives in Chiang Mai for years.

Best of all, our inexpensive and flexible programs make it possible for you to spend time volunteering in both Bangkok and Chiang Mai. Maximize your experience and explore all that Thailand has to offer.


Volunteer and Intern in Thailand

Looking for a Volunteer Program Abroad? Make a Difference in Thailand

We have worked with more than 2,000 volunteers over the past few years. Each person that accepts an assignment at one of our project sites is debriefed once their project is complete. We listen to your feedback carefully, in order to better understand why our participants seek volunteer opportunities abroad and to learn more about the positive impact they were able to achieve on assignment. The information we learn from these close-of-project interviews helps us refine each project and maximize its benefit.

We understand that the human connection is a critical part of any volunteer project. Whether you’re in service at a local orphanage, teaching English at a rural school or promoting women’s empowerment with an NGO in Bangkok, you’ll be spending time in direct contact with the people you’re serving. The relationships developed while volunteering, along with your contribution to those you are serving, will certainly enrich your trip to Thailand.