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Gap Year Volunteers in Asia

A gap year gives university-bound students the chance to advance their education without the stress of exams and homework. Traditionally, students will gain entrance to university first, and then apply for a one-year deferment. During this year, they may spend some time working, interning or even volunteering […]

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Corporate Volunteers in Asia

Corporate Volunteering and Corporate Outreach crosses International boundaries. Corporate volunteers are pursuing meaningful projects across Asia. Our Thailand placements are the perfect spot for such companies. Friends for Asia works with corporate groups and companies that are interested in supporting international communities by volunteering in Asia. We […]

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Career Break and Volunteering in Thailand

There’s nothing new about the idea of a career break, though the concept has certainly been rebranded and repackaged in recent years. Whether you think of it as a 21st-century sabbatical or, more simply, an extended and unpaid leave from work that includes travel, the fact remains […]

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